Marshall key holder review

Have you often forgotten where the keys were lost? Do you often worry about where to finding keys?

Marshall key holder can help you solve this little trouble, it can replace those clumsy and ugly key holder you put in the kitchen, Let you never worry again.

We can see that the product is marked: JCM 800, there are four key jacks, all marked “INPUT”,

marshall key holder(1)

After opening the box, the product and the picture on the box are exactly the same.

A word on the box that I like very much: HANG YOUR KEYS LIKE A ROCKSTAR.

a word that i like

In fact, it is a sticker pasted on the box, which looks very delicate.

a sticker

The Marshall Key Holder is a box made of plastic, not a metal box that many people imagine.

the back

You need to open the box from the back. There are 4 keys and instruction manuals. The keys are marked with M.

In fact, the installation is very simple, you don’t need to read the manual at all.

It is equipped with very small screws, you can use the screws to fix the Mashall key holder on the wall; of course, if you don’t want to use the screws, you can also use glue to fix the Mashall key holder.

In the future, you only need to come back and insert the key into the jack of the Marshall key holder. You no longer need to worry about finding the key.

work pic

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